Up to 10,000 lives could be saved each year by checking for early symptoms of cancer

Source: Cancer Research UK

So Nick, Muji and Lewis created this button that anyone can <embed> on their blog or website. (Read the full story...)

Which turns all the letter ‘c’s on a web page into links to independent websites that show you how to check for early cancer symptoms.

Simple huh. Wanna help save lives, here's what you can do...

  1. Share #checkyourc on social.

  2. Blog about us or get in touch, all ideas and support welcome on email checkyourc@gmail.com or Twitter @checkyourc.

  3. But the best way to help is to embed the button on your blog or site.

Just configure your button below and you can put it on any page or post on your site or blog.

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Preview link @ www.cancerresearchuk.org

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Button embed code

The story so far...

Did you know that 10,000 cancer deaths could be prevented through early diagnosis and treatment? Neither did I, in fact when I found out I was truly stunned. To the point that I wanted to do something about it. Not just donate funds, I wanted to shout this from the roof tops, tell people and say pass it on; surely its just a matter of telling more people about this fact, getting people to check more often could help save lives.

So I caught up with two great pals, Muji and Lewis, and we chatted. It struck us that c's are all over the internet amongst the copy of every website very much like early cancer signs are amongst us. If we could find a way to activate all the letter c's lying dormant on the web and change them to link to cancer symptom websites. Bingo. Awareness.

So we created this button that anyone could customise and embed on their blog or site and choose which cancer checking site to point to.

We don't believe charity is always about dropping money in the tin. Raising real awareness in this case could lead directly to change. If we can raise early awareness by spreading the message then people can help themselves.

This is the internet generation; we are in control of the greatest tool for awareness this world has ever seen. If you agree then <embed> the button. And if between us all, we could save just one life, boy would it be worth it.

Nick + Muji + Lewis.

More control for web developers...

If you are a developer you may want to understand what the code is doing, we've taken our time to document everything and make it as clear and clean as possible. There are also a bunch of examples to check out.

You can download the widget source files; also the source code for this web application and the Javascript widget is in a public github repository.

Why not go straight to the library source code so you can read what the code is doing; please raise an issue if you encounter any problems using the widget.

Big thanks to these fine folk...

checkyourc is a not for profit project created by Nick, Muji and Lewis. We believe the Internet generation can help save lives through simple technology and sharing of information.

But without our friends and their generous support this project would not have happened.

Thanks to Cloudant for kindly donating database services.

A huge thanks to Mr Twigg and the amazing lightbrigade for all their PR support.

All site owners who have embedded the widget. You are the champions of this movement, without you this wouldn't be possible. So the biggest thanks to you all and look out for your trackback link on the checkyourc supporters Google map mash up.

And finally to everyone who has shared or blogged about checkyourc. We really appreciate your support and we hope that together we have helped raise vital awareness.